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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Having a source of reliable news for free is great, so I would like to introduce to you another source of online news platform called Media Washington Independent. Let us get to know more about it!

In addition to websites managed by the major print and broadcast media institutions, Washington has approximately 60 online news platforms.

The city's major mainstream print and television outlets also have the most online page views: WashingtonPost.com leads the field with 10.6 million readers, a readership that extends outside the metro region to include visitors from all over the country. These well-known publications use their websites for a variety of purposes. For example, WashingtonPost.com has 107 blogs, including a section called "All Opinions Are Local" that republishes selected content from local bloggers.

Having a source of reliable news for free is great, so I would like to introduce to you another source of online news platform called Media Washington Independent. Let us get to know more about it!

What Is Media.washingtonindependent.com?

Media.washingtonindependent.com is a subdomain of washingtonindependent.com. Washington Independent, which is a moderately popular site with traffic ranks of #113,636 in the world.

Let us explain a few words about our name. Freedom from corporate and party objectives is what independence entails. We do not operate on a for-profit basis. The Sunlight Foundation, the Park Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, the Arca Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Foundation, the Better World Fund, the Quixote Foundation, and the Open Society Institute are among the philanthropic organizations that support us. As we grow, we will strive for self-sufficiency while maintaining our editorial independence.

Blogs, whether hyperlocal, citywide, or regional, play an important role in DC's media landscape. JDLand was one of the first hyperlocal blogs to acquire popularity in Washington. It was founded in 2003 by Jacqueline Dupree and covers developments in her Near Southeast area. There are one to two posts every day on average. With 1.7 million monthly page views, DCist, a member of the Gothamist blog network, has the greatest viewership of any local blog in DC. The site publishes 15–20 items every day, with a combination of original reporting, reader submissions, and reposted news.

It encompasses a wide range of neighborhoods around the District. The blog "Prince of Petworth" was created in 2006 and has now evolved from its original focus on the Northwest DC neighborhood of Petworth to cover 34 areas throughout the city. "And Now, Anacostia," the most popular blog in Southeast Washington, has about 5,000 monthly page views. Brightest Young Things and Jukebox DC, for example, are arts-focused websites that have played an important role in DC's thriving music, entertainment, and cultural communities.

The Washington Independent joined the blogging industry on January 8, 2007. Washington Independent is an online media outlet devoted to covering Washington, D.C. politics and policy. They have since covered news, health, politics, culture, travel, technology, and more, through its articles, podcasts, videos, and flagship magazine. They also have a Finance section where they cover topics about the stock market, trading, investing, and cryptocurrency.

TBD is a joint TV-online business that began in August 2010 under the management of Allbritton Communications, which also owns Politico and the broadcasters WJLA and News Channel 8, and has since been relaunched as TBD TV. After leaving WashingtonPost.com, General Manager Jim Brady created TBD. Erik Wemple, the founding editor, comes from the local alt-weekly The Washington City Paper. TBD covers the entire metro area and has a section on its homepage where users may get news according to their zip code. The "Community Network," which brings together the work of local bloggers, is one of the site's key features.

Just like Washington Independent and other media outlets, Media Washington Independent will cover different categories such as News, Crypto, Finance, Travel, Celebrities, Culture, Politics, Health & Wellness.

Media Washington Independent is an independent media that aspires to bring together the finest of traditional and contemporary journalism. We are committed to reporting, accuracy, and fairness. Simultaneously, we want to include the most appealing aspects of online news, such as voice, timeliness, diversity, and interactivity.

Why Is Media Independence Important?

What Is Meant By Independent Media? Any media, such as television, newspapers, or Internet-based publications, that is free of government or corporate interference is referred to as independent media. The phrase can be used in a variety of ways. It is frequently used interchangeably with alternative media to refer to media that distinguish themselves from mainstream media in the United States and other developed countries. The term "independent media" is used in international development to refer to the creation of new media outlets, particularly in locations where there is little or no previous media presence.

As a normative value in media regulation and journalism, the notion of media independence has been hotly debated. The technological, political, and social dynamics that digital innovations bring, according to Nick Couldry (2009), tend to damage the media as a common good (with a blurring of the distinction between journalism and advertising, for instance). As a result, authors like Daniel Hallin, Kelly McBride, and Tom Rosenstiel believe that other standards (including transparency and participation) are more important. "What we talk about when we talk about media independence, then," Karppinen and Moe write, "are the characteristics of the relations between, on the one side, specific entities ranging from media institutions, via journalistic cultures, to individual speakers, and, on the other, their social environment, including the state, political interest groups, the market or the mainstream culture."

Citizens must have the freedom to discuss and debate problems, question their governments and society, and make well-informed judgments. Open government and open societies allow states to work for the benefit of their residents while also allowing citizens to direct their own growth. Through interviews, investigative journalism, and unbiased reporting, the media holds those in power directly accountable for their actions. Only if individuals and media have access to information can this happen.


Media.washingtonindependent.com will be one of the trustworthy online news platforms out there so watch out!

Our network places a high value on education. We work with bloggers to help them embrace good journalistic techniques. We provide training to print journalists on how to adapt to the new online world.

We are not on our own. Other non-profit internet news organizations are sprouting up, and we're excited to be a part of it.